Why is having a professionally fitted mouthguard so important?

Playing contact sports such as rugby, boxing, hockey and lacrosse carries a high risk of both tooth damage and facial injury. Wearing a tailor-made mouthguard can help prevent tooth fracture, tooth loss and various facial injuries by spreading and thus weakening the force of an impact, whether it be direct impact to the front teeth or to the lower jaw. The British Dental Association, the Rugby Football Union and the English Hockey Association all recommend professionally fitted mouthguards.

Why have a custom-made gumshield as opposed to shop bought?

In contrast to a custom-made gumshield, the shop bought gumshields can be very average, with only minor alterations possible when placed in warm water. If the mouthguard is to absorb any impact in a collision and prevent any tooth damage it must fit accurately.

How long will my custom-made mouthguard last?

For adults, mouthguards can last for a few seasons, and correctly looking after the mouthguard can make it last even longer. However, this can vary due to general wear and possible growth, so it is worth checking your mouthguard yearly. For children whose mouths and teeth are still developing, it may well be that the mouthguard will only last for one season, as changes in the mouth, like new teeth erupting, will prevent the mouthguard from fitting.

Can I have a mouthguard if I have a brace?

It is best if the orthodontist who is carrying out your treatment makes a custom-made mouthguard for you. There will be more work involved in the taking of the impression and the cost will therefore be higher.

Can I have an impression if I have a wobbly baby tooth?

Yes you can, although there is the risk that the wobbly tooth may come out when the impression is taken. Don’t worry though, this is usually harmless! Please do let us know if your child has a very loose tooth prior to the impression being taken.